Monday, April 20, 2009

May The Force Be With You....

Okay...I almost forgot to post photos from Benjamin's birthday party!!! We had the best darn little Star Wars party ever!! Benjamin and his buddies got to put on Darth Vadar masks (except the girls...who can blame them!) while the grown ups visited and enjoyed some good food. The day was extra special because we were also celebrating the finalization of Maggie's adoption!


Mama said...

Both Benjamin and Maggie are getting so big. When you go so long between photo posts (hint hint!) I start to lose track. I'm glad Benjamin had a great birthday party. I love that photo of him looking at Maggie in her carseat. How precious!
Fellow IAC Alumn

Unknown said...

you have such beautiful children!

Lisa T. said...

We love Star Wars too.

Lisa T. @ Babyville